Programs & Pricing

Etobicoke Taekwondo offers offer a number of programs for the following age groups:
Tots: 4-5 years
Kids: 6-12 years
Teens, Adults and Family: 13 years and older

Membership Fee (One time only/Non refundable)

One (1) Uniform, T-Shirt, Team Jacket & One (1) Year Membership with the Ontario Taekwondo Association.

Tuition (Based on unlimited attendance)

1 Month3 Months6 Months9 Months12 Months
1 Person$254$704$1289$1753$2099
2 People (10% off$483$1338$2449$3330$3988

We offer 10 lesson packages

1 Person$429
2 People (10% off)$815

Payment Options

*Prices do not include 13% HST*
Cheques payable to Etobicoke Taekwondo/Deh Camp
Non Sufficient funds (NSF) cheques are subject to a $25.00 charge.

Other Costs

There will be periodic “Testing” for Belt promotions. Testing Dates, Times & Fees are posted on our “Notice Board” two weeks prior. 
Testing Fees are an extra charge and must be paid before testing.

Members may be selected to represent our school at local, provincial and/or national tournaments. Members are fully responsible for all tournament-related fees, which may vary per tournament

OTA Membership: 
An automatic One (1) Year Membership Fee with the Ontario Taekwondo Association (OTA) is included in your “Registration Fee.” However, members must continue to carry an annual membership with the OTA (April 1 – March 31) as long as they continue to train with our school. The Annual Membership Fee for both Colour-Belts and Black Belts is $20, payable to the OTA

Afterschool Care

More details about our after school program can be found below. You can also or phone us directly at 416-236-5578 or visit us at 100 Advance Road, Toronto, M8Z 2T7